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Israel Trail

Migrating birds 


Israel is a major migration route and over 500 million birds pass through it during the migratory seasons: Spring and Autumn. In winter many of them choose to stay in Israel instead of continuing the long journey to Africa. We will take a tour and observe these impressive birds: Pelicans, cranes, ducks and more.

 The Israel Trail in the Nadiv Valley 


Between Binyamina, Zichron Yaacov and Caesarea, A region of vineyards and wineries, we will tour a special section of the Israel National Trail passing through a spring, a Roman bathhouse, an Hellenistic villa and an amazing view to the seashore of Israel

Caesarea and the Israel Trail

 A section of the Israel Trail between Caesarea and the Crocodile River Reserve. A visit to the antiquities of Caesarea, the Recanati Museum in Caesarea, an impressive mosaic of animals from the Roman period and a local fishing village

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Independent trip on the trail 


To travel the paths of nature in Israel there is no need to prepare for a long trek of many days. You can choose beautiful sections of the path and walk between half a day and day walking in the rich and diverse nature of Israel. It is advisable to plan the trip to spring, winter or autumn in Israel, from October to May.
A local tour guide should be helpful.


 One does not have to set aside two months of their life to experience the trail; there are many sections that can be hiked in a day or over a weekend and are easily accessible from more populated areas including Tel Aviv.



Enlisting the expertise of a certified tour guide can help you to get the most out of your experience and make sure you know what those birds are.

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Hike the Israel National Trail

Inspired by the Appalachian Trail in the U.S., the extends across the entire length of Israel from the Lebanese border in the north to the Gulf of Aqaba in the south, making it possible to experience the wide variety of landscapes, wildlife, and cultures found throughout Israel. The distance between the beginning to the end is 292 miles, however, the network of trails covers around 620 miles of terrain, making it possible to get up close to parts of Israel that are rarely seen. The trail offers little in terms of services or amenities, and many hikers rely on the kindness of Trail Angels–people who provide resources such as an internet connection, warm showers, a place to cook, or even a room for the night, all out of the kindness of their own hearts. 




Reviewed by shelliewis

Oct 24, 2016



I highly recommend Tzahala Brosh..She is a, wonderful informative guide and a will make your tours memorable... I have been touring with her for three years and look forward to many more



Reviewed by 350yaelh

Sep 15, 2019

I trusted Tzahala with a very special and impotent group A combination of Israeli and tourist Tzahala took them to a 3 hours tour and the guests were more the happy with the tour Great knowledge with amazing guide skills made this tour a perfect experien





Reviewed by Gal1989

Oct 20, 2017


We arrived to the tour a father and son, the father originally from the area, and heard stories of a different Zikhron we didn't know. It was a nice mix between the old history of the foundation (including the "unspoken stories " about the Rothschild's clerks and their scandals), how the population grew and changed, local heroes and how a closed group of Germans arrived there. Tzahala is lovely and it was a surprising and pleasant experience. Thanks Tzahala. היה מוצלח מאוד, מומלץ.

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